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If Only This Calling Technique Worked For Wild Game [VIDEO]

Game calls are a part of any good hunter’s repertoire, but it never works quite as well as this cattle serenade.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg recently took to one of his fields to serenade his cattle with some trombone music. He starts playing a recently popular hit song and before too long his cattle begin to take notice.

Keep your eyes on the horizon in the video as you watch and you will be shocked at what happens.

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After just a few minutes, Derek is surrounded by a herd of cows who seem to be singing, or mooing, right along with the trombone.

Now if only deer, elk, or other big game responded to calls the same way. It would bring a whole new meaning to grunting for whitetails and bugling for elk.

Have you ever had a game animal respond rapidly to a call? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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If Only This Calling Technique Worked For Wild Game [VIDEO]