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Watch a Bobcat Pick on a Coyote in Texas Just Because [VIDEO]

Even in the wild, cats are jerks to dogs. A couple on a bike ride in Texas witnesses a bobcat picking on a coyote out of pure spite. 

A couple in Arlington, Texas was taking a bike ride when they came across a bobcat in the path.

The bobcat is staring down a coyote that is nearby. Then it decides it’s just bored and wants to be a jerk to the coyote.

There a few things that are odd here: the fact that neither of the animals notice or fear the people, and how domesticated they both look.

This video was taken at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas. The park is a 1,300-acre network of hiking and biking trails that follow the Trinity River. It could be that the animals are so used to seeing people that they have become accustom to recreational visitors.

But the way the coyote stretches in the end, it could be a house dog.

After the bobcat lunges at the whining coyote, it strolls off, probably thinking it is the boss.

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Watch a Bobcat Pick on a Coyote in Texas Just Because [VIDEO]