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Catfish Turn Old Tires into Birthing Dens [VIDEO]

Tuft's Lab - Queen's University

Are catfish that smart? See what they did with these abandoned tires.

A crew from Queen’s University Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab snorkeled a bay on the St. Lawrence River this season to check on the ecology of spawning bass.

What they found was simply amazing!

Numerous large channel catfish had taken up residence inside abandoned tires, turning these rubber wheels into makeshift birthing dens.

What was even more amazing to the crew was that no egg-eating round gobies were spotted inside the tires, even though the bay itself was chock full of them.

Did these opportunistic catfish knowingly use the discarded rubber remains as the perfect fortress of defense?

Things that make you go Hmmm…

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Catfish Turn Old Tires into Birthing Dens [VIDEO]