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Catfish Smashes Savage Gear Suicide Duck


The Savage Gear Suicide Duck has garnered international attention, and anglers worldwide are using the lure to target various species, including catfish.

Bird baits imitate natural prey to a wide range of predators, and it’s no mistake that they catch fish.  It’s also no mystery that the Wells Catfish eats birds, as seen in this video from the Catfishing World YouTube Channel, where a flock of pigeons using the river as a bird bath quickly become a basket of buffalo wings for a vicious predator.

If a Wells Catfish can eat a pigeon, a baby duckling is just an appetizer. With the Savage Gear Suicide Duck winning this year’s best hard bait category at iCast and receiving international recognition, many anglers worldwide are using the bait to target a number of different species, including the Wells Catfish.

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Catfish Smashes Savage Gear Suicide Duck