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Catfish Noodling Can Be One Bloody, Dangerous Game


This catfish wasn't going to go down without some blood drawn first.

Catfish noodling is a pretty risky sport. You're in the middle of the water sticking your hands into underwater holes looking for something to bite you so that you can grab a hold of them. There's also a good chance that there are snapping turtles and alligators nearby.

But as this catfish noodler shows us, it's not always the snapping turtles or alligators that you need to worry about biting you, it's actually the catfish.

There may have been blood drawn, but he did stay in the fight!

If this video makes you more interested in trying your hand at catfish noodling(no pun intended), then it's a good idea to find a buddy who'll head out with you. Naturally when fighting a monster fish by hand, there is always the chance of becoming tangled in something underwater and drowning. So bring a friend along for safety reasons.

Also, it's probably not a bad idea to have a first aid kit with you and have it close by, just in case you end up with a gash like this noodler did.


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Catfish Noodling Can Be One Bloody, Dangerous Game