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The Catfish and Carp in Chernobyl Are Exactly as Big as You’d Think


Do these fish look like mutants as a result of nuclear radiation to you?

The Chernobyl nuclear accident happened almost 30 years ago in Ukraine, and the area has been mostly abandoned and believed to be highly radioactive.

So what are the fish in the area like? About how you might expect!

While I don’t see any crazy mutations like extra eyes, those are some seriously big catfish! Who knows if nuclear radiation actually contributed to these fish getting this big, but it sure makes you think, doesn’t it? I wonder what else may be lurking in the deeper depths below?

Right near Chernobyl is Pripyat, which was abandoned in the wake of the disaster. Last I heard, this place is starting to become popular as a tourist attraction now that radioactive levels have gone down.

Perhaps the next thing will be a local guide service for giant, mutated catfish? I wouldn’t eat them, but they look like they’d be fun to catch!

The biggest catfish I’ve ever caught was a channel cat somewhere in the 13-pound range, and I couldn’t believe how strong it was. I can only imagine the fight one of these muscle-bound mutants would put up!


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The Catfish and Carp in Chernobyl Are Exactly as Big as You’d Think