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Catching Raccoons by Hand: Good Thing He Has Socks?

How far would you go to help your neighbor with their raccoon problem?

The phone rings and it’s a friend of yours. They have a problem and think you can help. You swing by their house to try and help, then you realize you don’t really have the tool for the job. What do you do? Well, if you’re like the fellow in this video, you do your best and try to help out the person who called.

Watch as he scrounges through his pickup for some spur of the moment coon handling gear and tries catching the bandits by hand to get them out of his neighbor’s house.

In all honesty, it appears the socks did a pretty good job protecting his hands from the raccoon’s bites. However anyone considering emulating this fellow would probably be best off to pack a few pairs of leather gloves along, I’m guessing he would have rather had them instead.

The man in the video is named Neal Hunt and operates a decoy business called Soar No More. They specialize in pigeon, dove, and duck decoys and have a variety of products for customers to choose from. They also offer guided pigeon hunts in Idaho which appear to be a great time.

In addition to his business and catching raccoons by hand, Neal Hunt also garnished much attention with a youtube video showing him catching a badger by hand and throwing it in the same dog kennel as in this video. Luckily for him the badger wasn’t able to land any bites like these coons were able to accomplish.

To be sure, catching raccoons by hand is not for the faint of heart, and anyone considering it should exercise as much safety as possible. Had it been me, a good catch pole would have been the answer, but sometimes you just have to play the cards you’re dealt I suppose.


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Catching Raccoons by Hand: Good Thing He Has Socks?