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Catching a Huge Fish Using Only a Gaff

"We don't need no stinking pole!" These guys are fishing with a gaff.

As the tide pushes fish to a small coastal inlet, these fishermen are trying to catch a big one using nothing but a gaff. After a few near misses, they're finally able to bring in a fish.

Watch the video to see how they land a lunker.

We've seen some pretty interesting fishing techniques before. Even a few that seemed impossible. But fishing with just a gaff? Come on.

Nice job guys and nice fish. Looks like we know what you're having for dinner tonight. Now the only question is how to prepare it.

Whether you choose to try an unorthodox technique like the guys in the video or decide to take a more traditional rod and reel route, don't let summer pass you by without hitting the water.


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Catching a Huge Fish Using Only a Gaff