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Catching Grass Carp On the Fly In Urban Phoenix [VIDEO]


The anglers in this video prove that catching grass carp on the fly is possible in urban areas.

Fly fishing doesn't always require a wild river or a remote lake. With the right amount of dedication and ingenuity, fly fishing can be done just about anywhere there are fish.

That includes urban ponds and canals that are within earshot of roads and houses. Catching grass carp, especially on the fly, is an exceedingly difficult pursuit. It requires a lot of patience and creativity. Luckily, the anglers in this video from Redingtongear have both of those things in spades.

Fishing of any type should be about the love of the sport and the passion to pursue it. It is easy to get sucked into the idea that only trophy fish are worth targeting or that only certain bodies of water are worth fishing. It is refreshing to see two anglers who so obviously love the sport and will do whatever it takes to enjoy it. Take a page out of their book and remind yourself of the reason you first picked up a rod. That surge of adrenaline when you feel that telltale tug on the end of your line and the sense of accomplishment that goes along with a successful landing.

Many of us, myself included, can let those things fall to the wayside much too often. Let's all do what we can to change that and rediscover our real passion for any type of fishing. Whether it be catching grass carp with homemade dog food flies or any other form of fishing you love.

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Catching Grass Carp On the Fly In Urban Phoenix [VIDEO]