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Catching up with Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia Pellegrini is one busy gal with many new projects, workshops and merchandise on the horizon.

It’s becoming a household name. Georgia Pellegrini is seemingly everywhere these days. The author, chef, entrepreneur and outdoorswoman has fully embraced what it means to be a modern woman, and is helping prove what motivated females are capable of.KCHO-mrec

Wide Open Spaces caught up with Georgia to see what she’s been up to since our last interview, and needless to say, she has been up to a lot. Between a new merchandise t-shirt line, creating a new app, planning her amazing Adventure Getaways, promoting her new book, and planning an upcoming holiday workshop, she found the time to talk with us about all that and more.

Wide Open Spaces: So your website looks great and it looks like you have been up to a lot of new things. What have you been doing since we last heard from you?

Georgia Pellegrini: Well, I’ve been up to so much. My latest book came out in March, Modern Pioneering. It’s recipes, lifestyle skills and various projects to encourage people to be more self-sufficient even if they live in a busy urban area. It teaches you to kind of roll up your sleeves and step off the grid even in small ways. Whether it’s growing 25 pounds of tomatoes in a garbage bag on your fire escape or learning to make homemade butter in 15 minutes to learning how to change your own tire. The idea of self-sufficiency is a very empowering and satisfying thing. It’s a fun book, an accessible book, a hands-on manual, not just a coffee table book. I was on my book tour for about six months

On top of that, I have been continuing the Adventure Getaways which has been really wonderful. It’s been amazing to see how they’ve grown and how the demand has grown and how people are coming from around the world, I just had someone come from South Korea.

WOS: Where was the last Adventure Getaway?

There was one just a couple weeks ago, in October, in Montana. I am planning the 2015 calendar right now but in the meantime I have a wonderful, modern, holiday-themed workshop at the Cibolo Nature Center in central Texas. It is a historic homestead that was originally purchased by a German doctor. They’re renovating it and fully restoring it. So, I’ll be teaching a pioneer workshop there on Wednesday Nov. 19. It’s going to be great; we are going to be making candles from scratch, doing a bit of foraging and making wreaths. We are going to have a homemade cheese class and I’ll be signing books. I’m really excited about that as well.

WOS: Is there still room on that trip?

There are a few spots left. In the next few days it will probably fill up. The places where it is held is definitely worth visiting.

WOS: I see you have a new t-shirt line. Tell us more about that. 

That’s been a really fun thing. I think women like the things that I am in to and that includes what I wear. I started this line of shirts that are just kind of funny. They are all made in America with custom fabrics that I chose with really fun designs, and they’ve become really popular. They are really comfortable to wear but also just really funny. I will be rolling out a few more items in the next couple of months. We’ve started this social media feed called Shop by Georgia and it’s fun to show people in different parts of the country wearing my shirts.

Shop by Geogia

WOS: And your new app too! Which is pretty neat and a good way for your fans to follow you. Talk about that a little bit.

Yeah, it’s basically an aggregate where it has all my recipes in one place and it has information about Adventure Getaways, my upcoming workshops, information about the latest apparel, and it even has the music I am listening to. So you can listen to my favorite playlists while you are making my favorite recipes.

If you download my app in the next five weeks you are automatically entered to win a signed copy of my book. We pick a new winner every Thursday. It’s a fun way to connect with people.

WOS: So, what’s next for Georgia Pellegrini?

I have so much happening right now. I have been doing a lot of TV work, working with different brands, working on Adventure Getaways, growing my line of merchandise and hosting more workshops.

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Georgia Pellegrini has been a busy gal this past year and if you want to either meet her, get a book signed, or enjoy a homestead afternoon as a modern pioneer, you can sign up for her workshop on Nov. 19 here.

If you want to wear one of Georgia’s new t-shirts, which are limited edition with her signature on the back in gold, grab one here. Take a picture of yourself and she’ll post it on her social media feed.

Georgia is an important female role model in our modern world. She makes us all strive to be more self-sufficient and conscious about our food and ways of living. Her Adventure Getaways are a way to get females to experience the outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, horseback riding, or falconry.

She represents the growing empowerment of females in the outdoor industry, and we appreciate her for that

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Catching up with Georgia Pellegrini