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Catching Duckies Bare-Handed with Aussie Andrew Ucles [VIDEO]

catching duckies bare-handed

Catching duckies bare-handed can be a huge boost in a survival situation. Check out this video showing exactly what to do to pull it off.

Whether you are just catching for the meat (check local rules and regulations) or it is in a survival situation catching duckies bare-handed can be an easy way to get a nice meal.

While one would think that catching duckies bare-handed is impossible, this video actually proves its simplicity. Check out the video featuring Andrew Ucles and Laura Zerra catching a mallard duck in Australia.

If you take a little time to learn the key factors that affect the outcome of their hunt you will see that this is a skill that can be utilized in any situation. The only equipment you must have is a net. You can make one of those from a strand of paracord.

Once you have your net you are ready to catch ducks you can invest in more decoys and equipment, or just find a nice hiding spot on a well-travelled waterway, and wait for a duck to happen by.

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Catching Duckies Bare-Handed with Aussie Andrew Ucles [VIDEO]