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Catching Big Sky Country Trout in the Spring

There's nothing quite like reeling in massive trout in beautiful Montana in the spring.

One of the best places to catch trout in the spring is Montana, and this video illustrates the place's hidden treasures and beautiful fish.

Watch this video and try to tell someone catching trout in the spring in Montana doesn't look at great, you won't be able to.

According to the Youtube user they caught, "trout and a big ol Pike Minnow." Did you see the size of his last catch? That thing looked like it was quite heavy.

As you just saw catching trout in the spring is great in Montana. The scenery is beautiful and the fish are healthy. These spring runoff-created conditions make the for great fishing once the initial period has ended and the waters are clear.

Next time your planning a spring getaway for fishing, consider Montana. Although this video didn't depict which area of Big Sky Country this was filmed in pretty much any river in Montana is bountiful.


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Catching Big Sky Country Trout in the Spring