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Lucky Angler Catches the Big Cutthroat Trout That Stole His Fly [VIDEO]

Cutthroat trout

Have you ever tried to catch the same big fish twice to get your lure or fly back? The Humblefisherman accomplishes this feat with a gorgeous cutthroat trout.

Remote cutthroat trout streams are the stuff of daydreams if you are a trout fisherman. This guy filmed an awesome video of his trip to a backcountry cutthroat stream in Alberta.


One of the best things about fishing for cutthroat trout is their love of dry flies. When this angler breaks off a big fish, he wants to even the score. He returns the next day to get another shot at the cutthroat trout. He ties on a fly similar to the one the fish previously stole and starts casting. The moment of redemption comes when the fish is in the net and the fisherman reaches down its throat and pulls out his old fly.

I have caught plenty of trout over the years and found other people’s flies in their mouths, but I cannot remember retrieving one I lost. Cutthroat trout are actually known to be gullible, but you still must have a high level of skill to catch a big fish like this. For the size of the stream, that cutthroat is a really nice fish!

Meadow streams are definitely high on my list of favorite water to fish. I may be biased, but that stream is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. I guess I’ll have to add southern Alberta to all of the other exploring I want to do!

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Lucky Angler Catches the Big Cutthroat Trout That Stole His Fly [VIDEO]