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How to Catch Snakes Using a Minnow Trap


Here's an easy way to remove a problem snake without killing it. 

Minnow traps can be extremely versatile and you can use them to catch a whole lot more than just minnows. This video perfectly illustrates that as Youtube user Bob Hansler demonstrates how you can use one to catch snakes and even frogs alive!

I've used these traps many times in the past myself, but I never would have thought to try them for snakes or other creatures. Who would have thought? This is a good solution if you're looking to remove some problem snakes from your property without killing them.

You also never know, this kind of information could come in handy in a survival situation if you have the proper items on hand to fashion a similar trap. I've made homemade minnow traps that work in similar fashion before before by cutting the top off a two-liter plastic bottle and then putting the top into the bottom and adding bait.

This is definitely some handy information to have on hand, thanks for sharing with us Bob!


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How to Catch Snakes Using a Minnow Trap