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You Have Been Doing Catch and Release All Wrong [VIDEO]

catch and release
Facebook/Pete Maina, Professional Angler and Muskie Expert

Check out this video for an explanation on why you have been doing it all wrong.

If you are a catch and release angler, I can almost guarantee that at one point or another you heard that rocking a fish back and forth in the water is the best way to revive it for a successful release. However, according to professional angler Pete Maina, that way of performing a catch and release is inherently wrong.

Watch the video below for Pete’s explanation and how keeping an eye on the wind or the direction of the current is also important.

A fish’s gills work by pushing water in through the front of the fish which allows the fish to breath. Forcing water backwards through the gills, as would happen in a rocking motion, is essentially drowning the fish and putting even more stress on its body.

Keep these tips in mind and your next catch is going to be more likely to survive. This is especially important for larger fish which may react more negatively to stress. Make sure that your next trophy catch will swim to be caught by another lucky angler another day.

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You Have Been Doing Catch and Release All Wrong [VIDEO]