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Watch: Catch and Release Fishing Fail [VIDEO]

An angler’s attempt to safely release a small fish back into a pond is foiled by a vicious predator lurking underwater in this fishing fail.

In the video below, an angler catches what appears to be a small pike from his fishing boat. When he releases the small fish back into the the pond, a much bigger pike swoops in and…well, you can probably guess what happens next.

It looks like the big pike ripped the smaller fish in half.

On the upside, that big pike just got a little bigger.

MORE FISHING FAILS: Check out these classic hijinks from fishing legend Bill Dance. 

We’ve shared several videos of crazy pike action. In a similar video we posted a few months ago, a small pike jumps on land to escape the bite of a much bigger pike.

And Last week, we shared some awesome underwater of pike striking swim bait. The up-close video shows how lightning-fast these fierce fish are.

Have you ever had a catch and release fishing fail? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Watch: Catch and Release Fishing Fail [VIDEO]