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How to Catch a Prehistoric Sturgeon in -20 Degree Wisconsin Weather [VIDEO]

Ever see a gigantic sturgeon speared in a dark-house shanty? Fish on!

It takes a lot of muscle and even more patience to land a 180-pound sturgeon on the ice!

WARNING: Strong language used in the video.


Wisconsin’s sturgeon spearing season has been a local tradition for more than 80 years second only to deer hunting but just as epic. Licenses are issued on a lottery basis and a select few are granted the legal right to watch over a 4 X 8 foot hole in the ice waiting for one of these monsters to swim by.

Lake Winnebago Sturgeon
Lake Winnebago Sturgeon (


This year’s sturgeon spearing season opener on February 14th occurred in the midst of a polar vortex. Weather on Lake Winnebago plunged into temps under 20 below zero, with 45 mph winds and near whiteout conditions, according to the National Weather Service.

For these diehards, it’s just another season of heart-pounding camaraderie with the hopes of becoming a new member in the 100 pounder club. Surrounding the southern shoreline of Lake Winnebago, the Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau stated that after the spear is thrown and a sturgeon has been impaled, the next thing thrown is the chair out the door of the shanty to make room for the fight and eventually the trophy.

Fish on!!

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How to Catch a Prehistoric Sturgeon in -20 Degree Wisconsin Weather [VIDEO]