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How to Catch a Hawk to Use for Falconry [VIDEO]

Andrew Ucles shows us how to catch a hawk in this short video.

Watch to see how he does it. He is often catching wild animals with his bare hands.


Falconry is becoming more popular than ever. The sport involves training a hawk or other raptor to hunt for you. The most common species for falconers to hunt include squirrrels, rabbits, and ruffed grouse. The first step in becoming a falconer (after acquiring all necessary licenses and capture permits) is capturing a hawk.

In the video, Ucles captures a whistling kite hawk, which is native to Australia. Falconers here in the states are more likely to capture a red-tailed hawk.

Make sure you are up for the challenge and commitment it takes to become a falconer before you capture a hawk. According to the North American Falconry Association, it will take most people around seven years to become a master falconer.

Those who feel like they are up to the challenge can use the information provided in the video to catch a hawk that will eventually become their hunting partner.

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How to Catch a Hawk to Use for Falconry [VIDEO]