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Catch More Fish with the Skip Casting Technique [VIDEO]

Skip casting is a great way to get your lure into those out-of-the-way places where the big ones lurk. 

Master this technique, and you’ll get your lure into normally inaccessible spots.

Watch how it’s done by someone with many years of practice under his belt.

Before we get into the whole “Where’s the fish?” argument, let’s just stand back and admire this guy’s skip casting ability.

Who knows whether there are any fish in that water, but he was plying the trade in a creek somewhere. Remember all those times we practiced casting into a bucket or our parents’ swimming pool?

The fish are always there. We just need to get our bait into those tight places where they like to hide.

Now let’s get out there and practice!

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Catch More Fish with the Skip Casting Technique [VIDEO]