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Catch Creek Chubs, and You'll Catch Big Bass [VIDEO]

Big bass fishing with live bait may be the best way to catch a lunker. Catching your own creek chubs to do it is even better.

Is there any kid who didn't go down to the creek at the end of the street to chase minnows and crawfish?

Well, there's no reason not to do it as adult fishermen. Catching and using your own live bait is a tried and true method for putting bass on the stringer. Even catch and release fishing can be done with live bait and a little care.

Have no doubt: big bass are suckers for live minnows. Put one of these freshly caught baits on a hook, dangle it in front of a bucket mouth and hang on!

There are several good minnow traps on the market today or catch them the old fashioned way with light line and a night crawler.

1Fishing for big bass with creek chubs..

Remember that any time you are catching and using live bait such as minnows or creek chubs, they could be invasive to another area. Knowing your local regulations for trapping and using these baits is the first step to stopping another invasive species from escaping its home range.

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Catch Creek Chubs, and You'll Catch Big Bass [VIDEO]