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Catch Cam Nets Are a Must if You Love Fish Pics

Catch Cam Nets
All images supplied by Catch Cam Nets

Catch Cam Nets are one of those inventions you can’t believe isn’t already out there. 

Luckily for us, it isn’t here yet, but it’s about to be. Catch Cam Nets will officially be for sale via Kickstarter starting in December. In case you need a little nudging, this would make for a perfect Christmas gift for any fisherman. You can trust that this will be one gift they won’t return.

Very recently, I was offered the chance to fish with the creator of Catch Cam Nets, Beau Robinson, in New York chasing monster browns. We caught a ton of fish and being able to watch the catch and release on video was incredible. Just look below to see for yourself how cool the functionality of this net really is.

The fish friendly rubber net won’t hurt the fish, and the 5/8ths aluminum DuraCoat loop holding it together is tough. The cork handle just pulls it all together. You can also attach a GoPro to it as well, which adds some coolness. The built in, patent-pending attachment is ready for many other popular action style cameras as well. Just make sure they are in a waterproof case.

Catch Cam Nets

Catch Cam Nets will simply allow you take more and better photos of yourself and your catch without you having to lug around a camera or take bad pictures. Most fishermen carry nets anyways. Now, they can just simply attach their camera to it and solve the problem.

With Catch Cam Nets, there will always be proof of your catch.

Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates about the Kickstarter campaign. This is one net you are going to want to have in your arsenal.


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Catch Cam Nets Are a Must if You Love Fish Pics