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How to Catch a Big 50″ Redfish from a Kayak


Watch a kayak angler haul in a 50+” redfish and successfully release it back into the depths.

Fishing from a small boat or kayak can make even small fish feel huge. For the kayak angler in this video, that feeling proved to be true once he hauled his redfish catch into his vessel.

A redfish measuring over 50” is a true trophy catch for any angler.

The hooked redfish drags the angler’s kayak around the water putting the species power on display. However, it wound up being not match for the angler’s gear and was soon safely held up for a display of its size.

Watch the full catch and release of the beautiful fish below!

The angler made sure to include the process of allowing the fish to recover before releasing it to perhaps be caught another day.

It is always nice to see a trophy fish be successfully released after being caught so that it may be caught again someday at an even bigger size!


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How to Catch a Big 50″ Redfish from a Kayak