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Would You Do What This Angler Did to Catch a Salmon? [VIDEO]

Check out this incredible video of one angler’s intense journey to land a salmon in the Byske River.

Anglers are a very dedicated bunch. Whether it’s spending a night riverside waiting on a catfish to bite or a day spent walking miles downriver in search of a bite, anglers will go to some great lengths to pursue their passion. Perhaps none more so than the angler in this video from ByskanTube. After hooking a salmon in the Byske River, the fish escapes into the rapids.

Instead of giving up on landing the fish, this angler decides to follow. Over nearly 1100 yards of white water, he pursues the salmon downriver all while filming himself and keeping steady pressure on the line. An incredible feat for sure. And just wait until you see his prize at the end of his brave journey. This was one salmon worth chasing.

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For a full run-down of what happened on the day by the angler in the video himself, go here. It is definitely worth a read for anyone who loves fishing.

What lengths would you go to in order to land a fish? Would your answer be different for a record sized fish? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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Would You Do What This Angler Did to Catch a Salmon? [VIDEO]