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Now You Can Be a Cat and Fish in a Virtual World [VIDEO]

Looking for something new to try? How about being a cat who fishes?

If you're bored and looking for a way to waste some time, or you've got a little one who is dying to learn how to fish, "Cat Goes Fishing" can keep you both entertained.

Check out this cat who fishes in the new game by SteamPowered.


Starting out with only a basic rod and line on shore, this game teaches you how to cast, and works with you until you've become a master fisherman in a vessel on the open sea. You learn about the different fish and how they behave, then use this knowledge to figure out the best way to catch each fish.

The more fish you catch, the more rods you earn, and you can even find rare fishing treasures that up your game. Once you're good, you can unlock different boats and go on oceanic fishing adventures.

Although it looks easy, and on hand it is, there's also a layer of technical skill that keeps you coming back for more.

Try this game out, and both you and the kids will love being a cat who fishes!

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Now You Can Be a Cat and Fish in a Virtual World [VIDEO]