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House Cat and Turtle Play Tag, Cuteness Ensues

Add one more 'odd couple' to the list of unusual animal friendships. This time it's a house cat and small turtle.

I'm not sure it's fair to say that this cat and turtle are "friends", or even playmates. After all, this is the only video we've found on these two, and there's no explanation attached to it.

They could just be a couple of critters who simply "met" briefly one day and reacted to one another in a humorous way.

Not that it matters. This is just a funny little video of a cat and turtle that ought to bring a smile to your face.

The cat is obviously playing with the turtle. There's not much unusual about that. Playing with moving objects is what cats do. And there are a good number of videos on YouTube that show interactions between the two species. Just type the phrase "cat and turtle" into the search box and you'll see what I mean.

What's more curious and smile-worthy is the turtle's reaction to the feline. The turtle seems to be just as curious about the cat as the cat is about the turtle.

The terrapin follows the cat around the brick post, only to be caught from behind by the kitty, who taps the turtle's shell and tricks it into reversing course to follow Whiskers the other way.

Tag, you're it!

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House Cat and Turtle Play Tag, Cuteness Ensues