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Alligator Becomes the Fraidycat [VIDEO]

If you thought alligators were tough, ruthless beasts, then you need to watch as this cat takes on a gator.

Mugsy the cat--a legend in the swamps of Louisiana--is no ordinary house pet. In this video Mugsy wards off two hungry alligators with a swift smack on the alligators' noses.

Watch this video uploaded by Youtuber arketron to see Mugsy defend his territory while a young boy tries to untie a pontoon boat.

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Mugsy was a stray cat found wandering the woods of the Cajun Pride wildlife refuge. His new owners gave him a home at the refuge, wherein he promptly took command over the alligators.

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours is a wildlife refuge roughly 25 miles northwest of New Orleans, Louisiana. They offer a variety of activities, including a swamp eco-tour which is a one and a half hour boat-tour of the swamp.

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Alligator Becomes the Fraidycat [VIDEO]