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CAT Revealed the Newest Caterpillar Smartphone for Outdoorsmen


This yet-to-be-released Caterpillar smartphone has a lot of design features that hunters, anglers, and other outdoors enthusiasts will find particularly useful.

Caterpillar, a company most famously known for manufacturing construction equipment and heavy vehicles, has also quietly been putting its stamp on the smartphone market. In what may come as a surprise, the company has several rugged Caterpillar smartphones already on the market and recently announced their newest version in their smartphone line.

Known as the Cat S60, the phone is designed and built with durability in mind. The focus of the phone is for smartphone users who are often in construction zones that are typically unfriendly to iPhones and Samsung phones, among others. That tough design does make the new phone a tad on the bulky side, but that can actually be a benefit for users who spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

The biggest standout feature that makes the Cat S60 look to be ideal for hunters and anglers is the built-in FLIR thermal imaging camera. This phone from Caterpillar will be the first smartphone with a FLIR camera built in. The FLIR works in conjunction with the visible spectrum camera that is also built-in in order to provide users with an outline of objects as they appear under visible light and a thermal footprint that would otherwise go unseen.



“To stand out from the crowd in today’s smartphone market requires true innovation and we are proud to partner with FLIR to announce what is truly a world’s first,” said Peter Stephens, CEO Bullitt Group, global mobile device licensee for Caterpillar, according to a press release. “The Cat S60 represents a milestone for smartphones. We are excited for thermal technology to be in the hands of Cat phones customers and to discover the myriad of daily time and efficiency use cases it will present for them.”


Needless to say, a FLIR camera in a smartphone would be useful to hunters and anglers in several different ways. The most obvious of those ways would be using the camera to track wounded game. Following a hot blood trail would be a much easier task using the thermal imaging capabilities of the Cat S60. Even small droplets of blood would be likely to show up on the camera. The camera can take surface temperature readings at ranges up to 100 feet.

It would also give hunters and anglers an effective and fast tool to obtain temperature readings of specific surfaces and in a less practical way, it would also add a cool new dimension to taking outdoor photos. (Just imagine taking “thermies” instead of “selfies!”) A few other handy uses could include searching for cold air leaks in an ice fishing shack or hunting cabin, finding the way back to the truck in complete darkness and finding out just how hot the barrel of a rifle got after a shooting session.

The FLIR camera and durability are not the only reasons that hunters and anglers might want to consider the CAT S60 as their next smartphone. The phone is also able to survive being completely submerged in water for up to an hour at depths up to 16.4 feet and exceeds military specifications. It is also dustproof and can survive drops onto concrete from heights of 6 feet.

The large 4.7” inch screen has a super bright display to make it easy to see in direct sunlight. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 4 and features support for use with wet fingers and gloves.


The only thing that seems to be missing to make the Cat S60 smartphone the ultimate hunting and fishing phone is a lack of camouflage color option. It will be available later this year and will retail at $599. That manages to stay in line with other top of the line smartphones currently on the market especially when you consider that a comparably sized compact FLIR thermal imaging camera is currently priced at $799.

Check out the official press release from Caterpillar for more information here.



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CAT Revealed the Newest Caterpillar Smartphone for Outdoorsmen