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Cat-like Reflexes Stops Snapping Situation [VIDEO]

Cats are fun to watch, and apparently pretty tasty as well.

In this video posted by goodmorningamerica we see the stalking skills of a house cat that almost lands him in a toothy situation. This Florida alligator is obviously not concerned with the possible problem of hairballs.

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As corny as it may be, curiosity nearly killed this cat. The quick and fancy footwork of this unsuspecting feline saved one of those nine lives, but this gator was no slouch. Alligators are notoriously fast and eat well because of that trait. We see the gator cover ground quickly in pursuit of a "fast food shore lunch."

We've all seen cats roaming the woods and fields in search of a meal that doesn't involve a can opener. I suppose this kitty was bored with stalking field mice and birds and wanted the rush of "dangerous game."

The video sites have tons of cat footage, but this lucky kitty was playing with an adversary that is strictly business. The trail camera footage shows that gators might soon be investing in catnip if the kitties wish to play.

What's the weirdest thing you seen a house cat do?


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Cat-like Reflexes Stops Snapping Situation [VIDEO]