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This Castnet Catch is Nothing Short of a Jackpot [VIDEO]

Using a castnet, the guy in this video wrangles up a whole mess of fish you have to see to believe.

A castnet is a great way to catch several fish with one simple action, but what happens if you catch more then you’d hoped?

Watch this brief clip featuring man who uses a castnet to catch a few fish and ends up getting more than his share.

According to the YouTube user, this castnet fishing video was filmed in Guam, and judging by this guy’s catch, the fishing there is great.

All it took was one toss of a castnet, and this guy pulled in what looks to be dozens of fish. Can you think of a more efficient way to catch fish?

If you’re looking for a new way to catch fish, consider picking up a castnet. As you just saw, it can be a great way to catch tons of fish with little to no effort.

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This Castnet Catch is Nothing Short of a Jackpot [VIDEO]