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Cast Net Fail Or Boat Ballet? It’s Your Choice

This guy was about to complete the best cast net throw in history, but took a dive instead.

There’s an art to throwing a cast net for bait. While it takes practice and skill to perfect, once you have it down you’re good to go.

Now tell that to this unfortunate guy who hooked the trolling motor on the way by.

Doing the cast net two-step was never so much fun! Cheers to this guy and his buddy for sharing the artistry of the ‘free-dive’. It’s not really a failure when you can laugh at yourself and come out smiling!

My personal best cast net throw isn’t as good as the one on this video, so I can appreciate the experience all the more. Thanks again to these guys for letting us all share the laugh with them!



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Cast Net Fail Or Boat Ballet? It’s Your Choice