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Carving Pumpkins Like a True Outdoorsman [PICS]

You can carve pumpkins to fit your outdoor lifestyle, just look at these jack-o’-lanterns.

Halloween is right around the corner and with it comes the tried and true tradition of carving pumpkins. Get some inspiration for your pumpkin this year from these 15 incredible outdoor themed carvings.


The pumpkins in this slideshow range from “I could never do that” to “I might be able to pull that off,” but they are all amazing and definitely worth checking out. Carving an outdoor themed pumpkin of your own is a great way to integrate your favorite hobby into the holiday and really get into the spirit.

So once you finish this slideshow, grab your tools for carving pumpkins and do your best to create your own hunting or fishing themed design on your own orange gourd.


Impressive Rack on This One


This carving shows a buck that anyone would have been proud to harvest themselves. Just check out that rack! Whoever carved this pumpkin did a great job with allowing different amounts of light to shine through.

Whitetail Buck or Bust


This carving of a whitetail buck staring down a hunter is a great example of the creativity that carving pumpkins can really bring out in someone. That looks like one mature shooter buck too!

Great Use of Antlers


Bonus points to the person who carved this pumpkin for the use of antlers as props to really make this carving stand out. This carving shows that you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard jack-o’-lantern when getting ready for Halloween this year. Let your passions shine through!

Sound the Bugle Calls


This pair of pumpkins shows a couple of beautiful elk silhouettes and are very well done. The back lighting on these pumpkins really stands out and adds that extra pop to the carved images. Any elk hunter would be proud to display these pumpkins on their porch for Halloween.

Majestic Whitetail Buck


Another great carving of a stately whitetail buck staring straight ahead. The way this carving has each section separated from the others really helps it take on that look that classic carvings usually have.

Creative Take on a Classic


This carving is a great example of a unique take on the classic jack-o’-lantern look. The addition of the eyes and nose between the antlers of the buck’s skull makes this pumpkin a great display piece for any Halloween-themed event.

Calvin the Hunter?


This trio of gourds shows what a team effort towards carving pumpkins can do. Who knew that Calvin, from the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes,” was a hunter?

Best in Show


What can you even say about this carving? It is a true masterpiece depicting a scene that is the favorite of many an angler- a largemouth bass about to strike a crankbait. I mean even the crankbait is a carving. Bravo to whoever carved this one!

Brand Awareness


Carving pumpkins can even be used as platform for showing off your favorite brands of gear as the one in this picture shows us. The duck calls surrounding this pumpkin make it clear that Zink Calls are the favorite of the person who carved this one.

The Rare Largemouth Pumpkin Bass


Another great depiction of a largemouth bass is shown in this carving. No candle required.

Hunter at Full Draw


It might be a little hard to make out at first, but if you look closely, the pumpkin on the left shows a bow hunter at full draw. If the right pumpkin is any indication, the hunter was taking aim at a really nice buck.

Cut ‘Em


Another great display of creativity in this carving. One of my favorites in this slideshow, the action shot captured in these pumpkins is very well done. Showing the shot in mid-flight towards the duck was the perfect finishing touch.

Sunset or Sunrise?


I’m not sure if the pumpkin on the right is displaying a sunset or sunrise, but the carver got the lighting perfect. The image of a hunter and his dog silhouetted against the sky is just awesome.

Spooky Fish


Another incredible example of what I have come to call “pumpkin sculpting” rather than carving. That is one scary looking angler fish and the use of some gourd “guts” as the fish’s trademark lure was a stroke of genius.

Saved the Best for Last

Montana Outdoor

This was my absolute favorite carving that I came across while researching this slideshow. It is understated in its elegance, but the simplicity of this carving makes it a pleasure to look at. A beautiful depiction of a trout rising to the fly.

Liked this slideshow? Check this one out.

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Carving Pumpkins Like a True Outdoorsman [PICS]