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Why Carve a Jack-o'-Lantern When You Can Shoot It? [VIDEO]

pumpkins carved with guns

Ready to see more pumpkins carved with guns? Check out the fine job this .22 does on this jack-o'-lantern.

We love fall for many reasons. The changing of the leaves, the start of deer season, the cooler days, and the appearance of nature's most natural shooting target, the pumpkin.

When it comes to carving pumpkins for Halloween, more and more outdoorsmen are leaning towards the "why carve it, when you can shoot it" method, and Alabama's Joe Songer is one of those people.

Check out the video below where Songer shows us how he used a Anschuts MSR rx22 and a Smith & Wessen M&P 15/22 to carve out his Halloween front porch decoration.

Songer decided that to actually make the pumpkin usable, the best method would be to fill the gourd with wet sand during the "carving" so that the .22 bullets stayed inside and didn't make exit holes in the back.

He found that by re-packing the sand after every 8-10 shots he was able to successfully keep the carving to the face of the pumpkin.

What did you use to "carve" your Halloween pumpkin? Share your pumpkins carved with guns with me via Twitter.

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Why Carve a Jack-o'-Lantern When You Can Shoot It? [VIDEO]