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Carry Confidently with Magpul's New Tejas Gun Belt

Magpul has made reliable polymer accessories for most popular firearms, earning a solid reputation.

Even so, I never thought I would see this come out of their factory. The Tejan Gun Belt, could be the next best plastic fantastic to add to your hip.

Magpul really made an impression when moving to Texas after the Colorado magazine ban. Since the the move, Magpul has been pushing hard to make their move to Texas the best it could possibly be.

The Tejas belt is not only a mark by a company looking to add a new product, but also offers pride to the Southwest region by incorporating a product made exclusively by Texans (Tejanos!). Handmade and stitched in El Paso, this belt really sets itself apart from other gun belts in the industry as the product is second to none.

Real bull hide leather and a quality polymer stiffener in the belt make this product as rugged and refined as possible. You can wear this belt to the range and out with nicer clothing because this belt doesn't scream tactical prowess.

Carrying a weapon with a quality belt is important for several reasons. You don't want your belt to give out with the added weight hanging off it. Steel-framed pistols will cause the belt to sag and bring your pants down with it as you walk. A stiff gun belt will keep your pistol as close to your side as possible without causing the weapon to snag as you draw your weapon.

While your holster is very important to safely carrying your weapon, the holster is only as reliable as the belt its riding on. Carry safely and look appropriate with the Tejas Gun belt. Stay vigilant.

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Carry Confidently with Magpul's New Tejas Gun Belt