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Why You Should Carry a Tourniquet on You

A tourniquet should be carried in your everyday kit because being prepared is beneficial for you and your family.

Tourniquets are readily available on very many sites. The Softt-Wide is the preferred tourniquet for Reid as its simple to use and is very sturdy.

Tourniquets are essential for every operator going down range.

Even if all you’re doing is recreational shooting, you should definitely keep a kit next to you. Even if it’s not for you, you can still render aid to someone else that may have gotten injured.

Most of these kits are small and very affordable. Buying one is good enough, but some people carry more and leave them in the house or in their vehicles. Remember gun shot wounds are not the only reason people use tourniquets. Natural disasters and even freak accidents have caused men and women to get injured and have massive blood loss.

Being prepared and knowing how to rapidly deploy the tourniquet is also very important. Just because you have the tool does not mean that you know how to employ it as you should. Often times you will need to remember that you ability to operate small equipment with your fingers may be difficult when seconds count.

Practicing once a month is good enough and will make you ready for when the moment counts. Even during extremely stressful moments people can excel and give help when needed. Stay safe and stay motivated.


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Why You Should Carry a Tourniquet on You