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Here’s How You Should Be Concealing Your 1911 When You Carry

The 1911 handgun was designed to be carried a certain way. Let Aaron Roberts show you the how and why.

Get a quick lesson from Texas Guns and Rifle’s YouTube channel on how to safely carry and quickly present your 1911 handgun.

There has been a fair bit of debate about carrying the 1911 in the “cocked and locked” position. Many consider this an unsafe practice, yet Aaron Roberts explains that this is exactly how the 1911 was designed to be carried.

With the experience gained from ample range time, this is as safe as any double action pistol or handgun that doesn’t require a hammer in the cocked position. As a bonus, the hosts also discuss the merits of the full length guide rod that is a fairly recent introduction to the 1911 design.

With the appropriate training, experience and practice, the 1911 handgun was designed exactly to carry “cocked and locked”. With the thumb safety and beavertail handgrip safety, it has built-in features to allow carrying with the hammer back. However, as they say in this training session, if you are not comfortable carrying a handgun in the “cocked and locked” position consider another design, as you should shoot what you are comfortable and trained with.

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Here’s How You Should Be Concealing Your 1911 When You Carry