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Carp Fishing for Giants in Longueil-Sainte-Marie

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Longueil-Sainte-Marie in northern France is known for its massive carp fishing. These anglers go there to see for themselves if they can catch some monsters.

The men from Freewater Pictures drove 18 hours to get to the Abbey Lakes in northern France's Longueil-Sainte-Marie. The long drive was worth it too, because they quickly got into some giant carp fishing.

The first fish on camera is an 18 kilo monster (around 39.5 pounds). And there are more.

Oskar Stenberg says that "It feels good to fish here, because it's not fish that they breed just to be here." Oskar catches a 15.1 kilo fish (over 33 pounds), and credits part of their success to the help of two friends who are agents of Abbey Lakes. These guys, he says, are carp fishing experts.

One of the men, Anders Jdarsson of Fiske Kompaniet, says, "I've been down here since 2009. I've spent quite many nights around the lakes here. Normally I tend to look for fish. I like the fact that you see the fish. They show themselves."

Anders catches a fish over 26 kilos (57.5 pounds), and just after he landed that behemoth he hooked another giant at over 20 kilos (44 pounds plus).

The anglers fish with set lines rigged with alarms that go off when a carp takes the bait. Carp fishing is all very high-tech and refined. Where I live, we have an annual international carp fishing tournament, and the gear and techniques that carp anglers use is highly specialized. It is quite interesting to watch as a spectator.

While carp fishing is growing in the U.S., it is still a relatively new sport and many fishermen are yet overcoming the stigma associated with carp. But they are an impressive fish, reaching incredibly large sizes. They're like hogs with fins.

Stay tuned for part two!

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Carp Fishing for Giants in Longueil-Sainte-Marie