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Was This Carp Brought Back From the Dead?


Check out a video that appears to show a dead or dying carp being brought back to life.

Unless your name is Victor Frankenstein, then you probably know that once something is dead, there is no bringing it back. It is the natural order of things. However, this video appears to show a carp that is near death brought back to an energetic state very rapidly.

How could that be possible you ask? Well, as you will notice, a white powder is added to the water the carp is sitting in. That powder is reported to be sodium peroxide. Upon making contact with the water, sodium peroxide releases large amounts of oxygen into the water. That burst of oxygen reinvigorates a fish that has been struggling to breath.

This tactic is often used by fish sellers to make their catch look more appealing to buyers. Obviously, this is a very questionable tactic to use. Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

It is no surprise that the carp in the video responded so well to the addition of oxygen to its environment. That bowl and amount of water were certainly not enough to sustain that fish for long.

After seeing this video, I think I’ll just stick to catching my own dinner instead of buying farm-raised or commercially caught fish.


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Was This Carp Brought Back From the Dead?