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Car Dirty? Just Pull into the Bighorn Sheep Car Wash and Shine


The bighorn in Jasper National Park are trying to keep tourists coming with their free car wash service. 

People all over the world travel to national parks for the chance to glimpse wild animals in their natural habitat. It never fails that some animals are more curious about us and our vehicles than others. These bighorn sheep like vehicles so much, they will give you a free car wash for visiting.

This couple was recently visiting Jasper National Park in Canada. While driving down a stretch of road, they encountered a group of bighorn sheep. Much to their surprise they wandered right up to them and began meticulously licking over their car.

Watch their strange and funny car washing experience below.

I can't help but wonder if this is something the sheep do often or if it was just something they liked about this particular car?

The couple in the video even stated in their notes that at one point there were 10 or more bighorn licking their car at once.

Whatever it was, you can tell they are used to people and cars being around them. They could care less as they licked their way around the car with others passing by them.

I think the National Park system should look into this little incident. They really could be the first park to offer visitors a free car wash from local wildlife. I'm sure people would drive in from all over for a detail job from these bighorn.


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Car Dirty? Just Pull into the Bighorn Sheep Car Wash and Shine