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Capture Your Entire Adventure with the New Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera


Capture everything happening 360 degrees around you at once with the Nikon KeyMission 360 camera.

A lot of outdoorsmen love to film their outdoor experiences to reminisce on later and share with others. With Nikon’s KeyMission 360 you can share just about every single part of those special moments 360 degrees around you.

The KeyMission 360 will be Nikon’s first action camera. It uses dual lenses on the front and back of the camera to capture nearly flawless 360-degree action.

Check out the amazing moment-capturing power of the new Nikon in their promotional video below.

The KeyMission 360 will be capable of filming and taking still images up to 4K Ultra HD. It incorporates special sensors and electronic vibration reduction to help ensure clean-cut images while you are on the move.

The camera will be waterproof down to depths of 100 feet and shock resistant from drops up to seven feet.

Besides what the video shows and a few details, Nikon has kept everything else a secret about the camera. They have not released anything on possible pricing points, official release dates, battery life, or the max range of view of the lenses.

Nikon is definitely about to give GoPro a run for their money. With the KeyMission 360 hunters can film hunts no matter what direction game comes in, backpackers can show off every view of their trips, and so much more without the need of multiple cameras.

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Capture Your Entire Adventure with the New Nikon KeyMission 360 Camera