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Cape Verde Produces the 4th Grander of the Year

Grander Watch

This massive marlin caught off the coast of Cape Verde is the fourth grander caught this year. 

The remote Republic of Cape Verde is roughly 350 miles off the Atlantic coast of Africa. These islands were originally canonized by the Portuguese and have become a huge destination for bill fish anglers from around the world.

This monster catch is Cape Verde’s second Grander so far this year. Angler Heiko Steinmetz smiled as he weighed a 1,234lb Blue Marlin. Steinmetz was fishing the waters off of Cape Verde on board their boat, the Black Marlin. His crew Dika Cosme and Johnny were able to land the fish in right around two and a half hours.

Check out this amazing photo of the record fish.

Photo by:
Grander Watch

Unfortunately, due to spontaneous engine issues, they had to spend some time fighting the fish from a dead boat. The fish ended up being the 13th largest Blue Marlin ever weighed in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are wondering why Heiko Steinmetz name sounds familiar, that is because he is no stranger to the world of billfishing. In fact, this is Steinmetz 3rd Grander Blue Marlin of his fishing carrier. He has landed many other noteworthy fish over the last decade as well.

High-five to Steinmetz and the rest of the crew aboard the Black Marlin. Well done, folks!



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Cape Verde Produces the 4th Grander of the Year