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How to Cape out a Mule Deer in the Backcountry [VIDEO]

Caping out deer

Backcountry hunts are physically demanding; once you pull the trigger, the real work begins. Fortunately, there is an easy way to cape out your trophy and pack it out.

Going in after a trophy mule deer can be one physically demanding hunt.

Carrying an entire pack full of camping equipment, your weapon, along with clothing and food for several days can be a taxing experience. Once you get your muley down on the ground, another round of work begins.

Fortunately, caping out your trophy doesn't have to take long or require a ton of effort. Check out this great tutorial on how to cape out a mule deer in the backcountry.

Great job, Stuck N The Rut and way to go taking this monster muley!

Now it's your turn to get hiking!

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How to Cape out a Mule Deer in the Backcountry [VIDEO]