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How to Cape a Deer for a Shoulder Mount

cape a deer

If you shot a good one and thinking about a shoulder mount, you need to watch this first. 

A lot of mounts turn out to be pretty good for the money we pay. However, a lot of mounts are on the other end of that spectrum as well. The condition the taxidermist get's the cape really can dictate how good the end shoulder mount is going to look. Unless you are going to have your deer caped out by a professional, here is pretty much all you need to know to do it yourself.

Thanks to kingzz33, this is one easy video to follow. 

As you just heard, more is always best when you are dealing with a cape that you are sending to a taxidermist for a shoulder mount. If they have more to work with, you can just expect a better end result. As he said, they can normally make about anything work, but if I'm spending that kind of money, I want it work well.

A lot of taxidermists just prefer to bring in the whole head, skin still attached, just above the shoulders. However, depending on how skilled you are, this might be something you can try the next time you want to get a big deer mounted.

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How to Cape a Deer for a Shoulder Mount