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Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman Pulls in Rare Blue Lobster

Images via Jan Nickerson Yahoo! News

Fisherman pulls in a second once-in-a-lifetime lobster catch. 

A Cape Cod lobster fisherman pulled in a one-in-two-million catch on Monday when he found a bright blue lobster in one of his traps.

Amazingly, it wasn't the first time commercial lobsterman Wayne Nickerson has seen such a strangely-color crustacean in his 35-year fishing career. He also caught one back in 1990.

The excitement was obvious when he called his wife Jan to let her know of the news. "He let out a loud exclamation of excitement," she told ABC News. "He was very clear about how excited he was."


The strange blue coloration comes from a genetic defect as a result of an excessive amount of a particular protein according to the University of Maine.

While blue lobsters are extremely rare, a few seem to pop up every season. What's even rarer are ones that are brilliant red, yellow or calico in color. At the farthest end of the rarity spectrum are albino lobsters. The University says these are one in 100 million lobsters.

As for this newest catch, Jan named him Bleu. And, fortunately for him, his odd coloration means his final destination isn't a dinner table, but a local aquarium.

After catching two extremely rare blue lobsters, Nickerson might want to head out and buy a lottery ticket or two!

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Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman Pulls in Rare Blue Lobster