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Can't Find Any Morels? Here's How to Grow Your Own [VIDEO]

Here's how to grow your own morel habitat, thanks to Your Produce Guy.

Instead of hunting for morels and coming up with nothing, like most of us do, grow your own morels as a back-up.

First, build a mushroom box.

Next, make sure you put it in a spot with enough shade; they are mountain mushrooms.

Fill the box with some local soil, a bit of compost, and peat moss. Your mushroom garden needs 50-70 percent soil.

You will feed your mushrooms with things from the kitchen, like egg shells, peelings, and other compostable matter.

You can buy morel mushroom spores at the Gourmet Mushroom website. You don't even need to plant spores, just sprinkle them above the soil.

Keep you morels moist, not wet, and you'll see them start popping up in the spring.

You should also go out into the woods and look for them but this is a good alternative if you come home with an empty mushroom basket.

Your Produce Guy always reminds us, fresh is best!

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Can't Find Any Morels? Here's How to Grow Your Own [VIDEO]