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You Can't Beat This Boy's Contagious Smile While Hunting with His Dad

You can't help but smile with this boy as he gleams with excitement while hunting with his dad.

As this traditional archery hunter shows, there is no better joy in the world then to partake in your passions with your children.

While not all kids enjoys their father's passions, this little boy can't contain his excitement for deer hunting. Watch his face light up when his dad tells him his grunt call is "perfect."

While most hardcore hunters are are by this point used to what it takes to prepare for hunting, we sometimes forget about our more innocent years as beginners in the sport, and the simple things that created our passion. Watching your child or another novice hunter light up with excitement at something as simple as the noise of a grunt tube, a doe feeding past their stand, or the scurrying of a squirrel will quickly reset you as a hunter and take your journey in a completely different direction.

As the preservation of hunting continues to grow in importance, we all need to take the time to share our passions with those around us. Most hunters can't wait to take their kids hunting, but what about taking your neighbor, niece and nephew or a friend of your children? Set aside some time this year to share your passion with someone.


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You Can't Beat This Boy's Contagious Smile While Hunting with His Dad