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Canoeists Find Prosthetic Leg in Beaver Dam, Track Down the Owner

prosthetic leg
Journal Sentinel

This has to be the weirdest thing found in a beaver dam ever. 

Everybody has found something strange and unexpected while out enjoying the outdoors, but what Elliot Fuller and Jason Franklin found may top them all.

The two friends found a prosthetic leg jammed into a beaver dam while canoeing in Wisconsin. "I was sure we had found a dead body that someone dumped in the creek," Fuller told the Journal Sentinel. "We thought it was real at first until we got a closer look."

They made the odd discovery on a creek in Forest County. It's not exactly certain if the leg just happened to wash up on the dam or if the beavers actually tried to use it in their construction of their home.

But in any case, the other surprising part of this story is that the men were able to find the leg's owner! They checked Craigslist and found someone had indeed posted an ad looking for a leg lost 20 days earlier.

It turns out the leg belonged to 49-year-old Mark Warner. He had lost the leg after his canoe flipped on a nearby lake. He managed to save all his other gear from the boat, but the leg was feared gone forever.

"I wasn't overly worried about it because I use my older model for fishing and hunting," Warner told the Journal Sentinel. "It wasn't my everyday leg, to put it that way."

The prosthetic leg might have remained a very strange mystery to Fuller and Franklin had a friend not persuaded Warner to put the ad on Craigslist.

As it turns out, the leg was found an amazing three miles from where it had been lost. Fortunately, Warner was able to get along without it while it was missing. "I just thought it was gone," Warner said. "I really didn't expect to see it again. On my end, it's pretty amazing and it's pretty bizarre where it ended up."

"Just did what I thought was right," Franklin told the Journal Sentinel. "I hope that if I lost my leg that someone would return it to me, too." Warner gave the two men a $50 reward for finding the leg.

The real treasure of this incident is the story. Not many are likely to have an "odd thing found in the woods" story that comes close.

What's the strangest thing you've ever randomly run across while out enjoying nature?


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Canoeists Find Prosthetic Leg in Beaver Dam, Track Down the Owner