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Canoe Hopping: The Sport of Kings and Those Without a Paddle

This is how you get back to shore when your paddles are broken, or if you just feel like canoe hopping for fun.

People have been using the venerable canoe on the water almost since, well, there have been people.

Since that time every single paddler that’s ever been out on the water has had some moment when they lost a paddle, and starting right then had to find a way back to shore.

Enter two gentlemen in more recent times that made some video to remind us of how it’s done, and how much fun it can actually be! It takes two to tango, they say…

Caution: this is a skilled maneuver; lifejackets should be worn at all times

While there’s not all that much danger in trying this exercise, safety on the water is always paramount. As most veteran canoeists know, learn a move like this under the supervision of a good teacher- it’s even possible to damage your watercraft doing this.

Having said all that, is that cool or what?! It really works, but you’ll be wet at least once or ten times before it’s all over! Watching this video is a more than fun reminder of those days when we all learned to use the canoe and that maybe the best part was landing in the water after all.



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Canoe Hopping: The Sport of Kings and Those Without a Paddle