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Cannae Pro Gear Will Keep You in the Fight

Carry your guns, mags, and other weapons, while looking like an Average Joe.

Cannae Gear is name after a famous historic battle in 216 BC between Hannibal and the Roman Legion. Needless to say you know the Romans were bad dudes, and so was Hannibal. This gear is designed with the warrior in mind.

Many warriors of today have given their opinions and have tested the gear to make sure that these bags will work for the men and women that carry it. The research was conducted amongst special forces so that the end user can keep the bags and continue on with them in the future as their skills progress.

The Centurion performance pullover is made of synthetic material but is designed to be durable in the elements. The shirt feels soft enough to wear casually as your move about your day but is rigid enough to withstand Mother Nature.

The Rig is a heavy duty fleece that will help insulate you at many different cold temperatures. The materials are important for those that are reaching high altitudes or for those that expect to be conducting operations within the winter seasons.

The biggest feature of the fleece is that it's cut and designed to be compatible with the concealed carry community. If you carry your gun you know it can be difficult to get to as you start piling layers on.

The Legion is a 19-liter pack that has a lot of special pockets and features. The shoulder straps are thin enough that you can still employ your weapon. The straps are not flimsy and will not give out with heavier loads thanks to the Cordura Nylon that the bag is created from.

The pack features a sunglasses case that has a built in crush box to prevent cracked frames and lenses. The back side of the bag features a concealable and lockable pouch that you can lock a pistol and carry discreetly.

Check out the gear from Cannae and see if there is a bag that can offer you features that you are looking for.


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Cannae Pro Gear Will Keep You in the Fight