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Cane Pole Fishing In Florida

Read up on cane pole fishing in Florida, and take the minimalist approach.

Cane Pole fishing in Florida is popular because of the many venues available that don’t require expensive and elaborate gear.

There are plenty of canals, streams, and rivers to visit and test your luck.

With the modern plastic and fiberglass poles, you have the convenience of light wieght and portability. There’s never a worry about cramming your pole into your car and driving off with the cane poles sticking out of the windows, like in the old days.

If you’re fishing with a cane pole, always tie the line to the narrow end of the pole. It is not unusual for a pole to extend fifteen to eighteen feet. Add about 20 feet of line and you’ll have a vast area to work with.

The tropical Florida climate, with its cool breeze and sunshine, make fishing with a cane pole very relaxing. Just set your pole and then sit back and wait for the action to start. Or, roam the bank to give yourself a bigger diameter to work with.

A popular method is to set up a group of cane poles to bolster your chances. You can use small bobbers to reach different depths. That way you can find the fish no matter how deep they are swimming.

If you are using minnows for bait, be sure to use narrow-diameter hooks. Minnows swim best with light weight hooks.

So grab a cane pole and relive the simple fishing life of the past. They’re easy to find, easy to make, and relatively inexpensive.

Have you ever fished with a cane pole? Did you like it as much or more than a regular pole?


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Cane Pole Fishing In Florida