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Canadian Psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux Says All Homes Should Have a Weapon

Quebec Radio

Canadian psychiatrist and Montreal resident Pierre Mailloux says that every household in the province should have an assault weapon.

Dr. Mailloux, citing the cases of Syria and Uganda, says that an unarmed population faces the threat of the same mass exodus as seen in these two unfortunate war-torn countries.

His point: “Every time a heavily armed group attacks a mass that is disarmed, there (is an) exodus. Americans are armed and there is no risk of an exodus of Americans to Canada because of a terrorist attack because they will defend themselves.”

The psychiatric doctor went on to say that gun related violence in the United States is not caused by the large amount of weapons in the country, but rather because of a lack of access to mental health care.

Referring to his native province of Quebec he said “If we disarm the Quebec population, there could be an exodus of frightened Quebecers to neighboring provinces and the United States. The goal of firearms control is not to prevent domestic violence, but to disarm the community.”

La Presse
La Presse

Dr. Mailloux is not without controversy. As the host of a French-language radio talk show from 1995 to 2007, he was reprimanded by the Collège des médecins for making comments considered “unworthy of a doctor.” He speaks often of voluntary castration of pedophiles, and is critical of feminism.

In 2005, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council determined that he made “specifically-focused abusive and unduly discriminatory remarks” toward ethnic groups, in 2007 he was indefinitely barred from the Collège des médecins for prescribing large doses of neuroleptics to two patients, and more.

Despite all that, Dr. Mailloux believes that an armed population would be less likely to be at risk from drug traffickers who are already heavily armed. He is also in favor of convenience store owners having guns because (translated) “The bandits like easy and not complicated robberies”


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Canadian Psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux Says All Homes Should Have a Weapon